Cancer Patient Benefits From Computers

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer from a physician is shattering news for anyone. The cancer patient attempts to come to grips with their illness, and what they should do in terms of treatment options and lifestyle changes. A computer serves as a valuable tool for a cancer patient trying to make critical decisions about health care choices, and it can also be useful in other ways when the patient is hospitalized after receiving treatment or can't be as active as they were before treatment began.

A Research Tool

A computer with Internet access represents a powerful research tool for a cancer patient to become better informed about the type of cancer they have and available treatment options. The computer also allows the patient to examine cutting-edge research occurring in the field as well as new drug trials and treatments seeking participants. The Internet also allows patients to learn about things they can do to improve their chances of become a cancer survivor. The American Cancer Society offers a great deal of information on its website for cancer patients learn what they can do to be proactive in their treatment as well as read stories of hope and inspiration from cancer survivors.

Keeping Busy

A computer also has the benefit of helping patients stay involved in activities they enjoy, even if it is through the virtual world. For example, someone that enjoys travel can spend time talking to other globe trekkers, sharing stories, tips and fond memories of adventures in foreign lands. In addition, the patient can take virtual tours of exotic locations around the world, learning about the history and culture of the region, and even getting to know people from the area through chat rooms. A computer also makes it possible for the patient to engage in an array of creative activities from writing to creating artwork. A program like Microsoft Word makes writing a novel or a personal journal easier that writing in a notebook. Similarly, a program like Photoshop or GIMP (freeware) allows one to create works of art through painting, drawing or transforming photographs.

Staying in Touch

One of the most important and useful purposes of a computer for someone dealing with cancer is the convenience of staying in touch with friends and family near and far via email. Send individual emails or group emails to several people that you've added to your group. Another option is to create a forum or blog where you can keep in touch with family/friends around the country or the world as well as make new friends who are dealing with a similar challenge in their own life.