How to Use Guided Meditation Podcasts


Determine how long you want to meditate. Guided body scans are shorter and less intense meditations, while themed meditations can be up to 40 minutes. Sonic meditations have a wide range, anywhere from two minutes to half an hour.


Choose your podcast. BuddhaNet has a large library of free guided body scan and themed podcasts. Brain Sync offers sonic meditations, but only the sample podcasts are free. YouTube fans can find a slew of guided podcasts of varying type and quality.


Ensure that you wont be distracted for the duration of the podcast. Turn off your phone; the world can do without you for 20 minutes. Try to meditate when you're home alone. If that's not possible, let your family or housemates know that you'll need quiet seclusion.


Rest in a meditative pose. The traditional pose is sitting cross-legged, with a straight back and hands resting on the knees or in the lap. This pose might be difficult to hold if you are not accustomed to it, so sit or lay however you are most comfortable.


Play podcast, listen and relax. Try to loosen the hold of your day-to-day thoughts, focus on the meditation and the higher ideas it evokes. If your mind starts to wander toward mundane thoughts, concentrate on your breath for a few moments and then refocus on the meditation.


Return to your normal stream of consciousness slowly. Give yourself time to adjust after the meditation; it will be like you've just awoken from a deep sleep. Many guided meditations include a reorientation at the end of the podcast.

Tips and Warnings

  • Guided body scans are most effective if you meditate while laying down, they can also be used to prepare your body for a longer meditation.
  • Some people like to meditate with their hands in religious postures called Mudra. The Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Statuary has many images of classic mediation Mudra.
  • The length of your meditation is traditionally based on your familiarity with meditation. Those who are new to meditation should not try to meditate for longer than 15 minutes; pros can meditate for much longer.
  • Guided meditation podcasts can be a source of tranquility for both novice and veteran meditators. Guided body scans center on physical relaxation. Some meditations have specific healing themes, including loving, joy or mindfulness. There are also sonic guided meditation podcasts which use musical tones instead of vocal instruction to guide contemplation. No matter what type of meditation, the goal is to put your mind in a state of peaceful contemplation. With consistent cultivation, meditation brings a new level of awareness to everyday life.