How to Relieve and Reduce Stress


Learn to say "no". Sometimes it is extremely hard to say such a little word. Practice telling people "no" when they are always asking you to take on tasks that are overwhelming to your schedule, thus increasing your daily stress.


Take "me time" everyday. Set aside at least 15 minutes of time everyday where you concentrate on just yourself. Determine if you prefer having your "me time" in the morning, afternoon or evening.


Find a way to safely take out your bottled up emotions. Sometimes your stress may be overwhelming. It is important to find a safe outlet to release your stressful feelings. Use exercise or try breathing exercises and chanting.


Relax with a pet. It is a proven fact that animals help reduce and relieve stress. Spend some time cuddling with your favorite furry friend or volunteer at an animal shelter to help sooth your stress levels.


Rock out to your favorite song. Sit back and enjoy listening to a few of your favorite songs to help reduce your stressful feelings. Listen to calming and relaxing music to help you unleash the stress you built up that day.

Learning how to reduce and relieve stress is essential in living a healthy life. Thousands of people a year try new ways to manage their stress levels. The important thing when trying to reduce and relieve stress is to find which tricks work best for you. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it is important to live a less stressful life. Following this simple how-to is a great way to start managing the stress you experience in your life.