How to Sleep Well at Night Using Simple Ways


Have Chamomile tea an hour or so before sleeping. It helps calm the brain down so that you can get into the mood to sleep.


Remove all sources of unneeded light. In a dark room, even the LED light from your cell phone charger can be distracting. So put your cable modem into the closet, or put a towel over it before sleeping, and check all equipment that have LED lights or glowing digital clocks, and make sure to cover them before sleeping.


If possible, get dark curtains for your room, so that you can shut out the light from the streetlamp outside.


Buy a fan. It helps to shut out or reduce noises outside your bedroom, such as conversations between people, the sound of the dishwasher, car horns, etc.


Have a light snack, such as a glass of milk before sleeping. It will make it easier to fall asleep. On the other hand, do not have a heavy meal just before you sleep. The rumblings of your stomach, or general indigestion, will lead to a restless sleep and nightmares.


Put cream on your hands and feet, or even arms and legs, before sleeping. The whole procedure is very soothing, and also signals to your mind that you are retiring for the night. It is also 10 minutes of time when you are focused on rubbing the cream down your body, leading almost to a state of meditation, and a good way to slow your brain down.


Make the bed properly before you sleep. Tiny dirt particles, or cookie crumbs, etc. can bite into your body during the night, not letting it rest. So it is better to clean and make your bed properly before you sleep to get a restful night.


Read a book in bed. Again, it will allow you to get away from your life for a little while, so that your brain can stop thinking about all you need to do the next day. It will also tire you a little after a while, so that you can naturally start yawning and go to sleep.


Understand your body and what works for you. My husband likes to clear up the house and make a to-do list for the next day before he goes to sleep, since organizing soothes him. I like to save my to-do list for the next day, because thinking of it just before sleeping makes me agitated about all I need to do. So know yourself, and remember the same things may not work for you and your spouse, so there is no need to conform.

In a world full of stimuli, it is getting harder and harder to go to sleep at night. The following simple practices can make a good night's sleep much easier to get.