How to Be More Spontaneous in Your Life


Let go. There are times in life when you are holding on way to tight to an idea or circumstance that is draining you. Just let go of it all. This is sometimes called the law of detatchment and surrender. You will know when to let this all go, and just be.


Do Something fun. Do something fun just to break out of your normal traditional way of life. Do something random and fun, you will see that by doing this you will allow yourself a creative space to create more. Do something you always thought about doing, but never had the chance to.


Don't worry about being judged. The most difficult thing in this process is to over think this process. Don't focus on what other people will, think this is for you. The more you realize that this process is fun, light, and easy you will begin take steps towards this.

Tips and Warnings

  • Let go
  • Do something fun
  • Don't worry about being judged
  • This will allow more freedom and life into your daily habits. This is a nice post about how to loosen up and break out of your comfort zone for success.