How to Cure Anxiety with Herbal Remedies


Take Oatstraw in supplemental form daily. Oat Straw has been proven to effective in treating mild cases of Anxiety. Oat Straw can be used for any form of Anxiety though and even if it is unable to cure your Anxiety, especially in more severe cases of Anxiety, it will help to reduce your Anxiety.


Take 30 mg of Passion Flower in supplemental form daily. Passion Flower has been proven to be as effective as many prescription drugs given to patients for Anxiety. Sometimes it may take up to a month to see full results.


Take St. John's Wort daily. St. John's Wort has been proven to help reduce Anxiety. St. John's Wort works especially well for those that tend to suffer from Anxiety in bouts.

A natural way to cure Anxiety is with herbal remedies. Below are the more effective herbal remedies that can be used to cure Anxiety problems.