How to Find Your Peace


Step 2) Everybody wants to feel better--Everybody! Finding peace is not as difficult as you presume, and it doesn't have to take an all-out religious experience to feel at peace inside (even though for some it is essential). The first step in finding your peace is quitting smoking, quitting drugs, and quitting drinking. These substances will give you mood swings even with moderate consumption--quitting the big 3 will make you more stable.


Step 2) The second step in finding your peace is meditation. After you have quit the big 3 (cigarettes, drinking, and drugs), your body will be healthier and energized. Commit yourself to a daily practice of meditation 2 times a day for 20 minutes at a time. This practice will calm you, calm your mind, and focus your mind. It will give you more peace as well.


Step 3) The third step in finding your peace is going after what you want in life. Some people were meant to be carpenters, some ministers, some teachers. What were you meant to do? Find your niche, and you will find your peace. To recap, to find your peace do the following: 1)eliminate drinking, drugs, and cigarettes, 2) Meditate twice a day, and 3)go after what you want in life.

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