How to Find Your Sparkle, Finesse, and Shine as a Woman


Determine your confidence by making a list of all the things that you are good at. When you have this list, you must understand that these are things that are related to your purpose, and they give you value and meaning. Looking at this list often, learn how to incorporate them into your daily life, and your inner confidence will begin to grow automatically on its own.


Once you have your list, read each item. As you do so, the Ideas that really jump out at you are strongly related to your purpose. This is just the preliminary step to finding your purpose. You will have to spend some time in meditation and use your focused energy to develop your true earthly purpose. However, once you find this, your sparkle, finesse, and shine will automatically develop.


In your journal make an entry called, "Sparkle, Finesse, and Shine". Write down some ideas about how you already possess these qualities as a woman. Then write down the reason why you feel that it is your right to display your sparkle, finesse, and shine. When you do so think about your purpose and how it relates to your inner beauty. Write this down as well.


After you have written your ideas down, review them often. You will notice keys about yourself, as you grow. Don't be afraid to write down more ideas about yourself. Each idea will help you to build your very on sparkle, finesse, and shine that only you own and can incorporate into your daily life. Please continue to love yourself and others.

Makeup, fashion, and jewelry will not lead you to find your sparkle, finesse, and shine as a woman. These things will come from a willingness to discover your self in a new light. Your sparkle, finesse, and shine as a woman is based on three things, and they are your inner confidence and peace, your willingness to live in passionate purpose, and your continuing need for discovery of your self, the earth, and others. In the following steps you will learn how to find your sparkle, finesse, and shine in simple ways. The challenge is just doing the work and staying consistent.