How to Gain some Positive Energy in Your Life


Take a pad of paper and make a list of everyone you can ever remember that has ever been mean to you or family members that have done something you think you can never forgive them for. I mean everybody. Your 3rd grade teacher, that lady who cut you off in line at the grocery store, the idiot on the highway who swerved in front of you. Its alot, but great to look at on paper.


Highlight family members that you feel you can never forgive. Forgive every single person on that list. Now let it go. Realize that most of these people are people you will never see again; people who are most likely living their lives and not worried about you in the slightest.


This step is the toughest, hardest thing in this guide. You must have courage and willpower to do this. Pick up the phone and call those family members you never thought you could forgive. Holding a grudge creates drama and stress. Its time to let it go and cut the cord. Positive Karma comes with a phone call and a laugh. This is where the "lots of time" comes into play. Those who are stubborn will have trouble forgiving.


Now that you have forgiven those family members, friends, and strangers, make a list of 7 "problems". By "Problems", I mean your weight issues, yearning for a new wardrobe, dislike for a new neighbor. These "problems" aren't really problems. Ball up the list of problems, set it ablaze, and promise yourself to stop stressing about these things.


Lastly, create a list of 7 Good Things About your Life. Hang it up on the Fridge and read it everyday.

Tips and Warnings

  • Once you forgive someone, don't bring up the argument or problem later. Once you forgive, you then forget the past.
  • Don't let the fireball of "problems" get out of control. Extinguish it before something bad happens!
  • Crazed. Manic. Depressed. Angry and Moody. We've All Been There. Maybe we still are there. But the key to getting rid of stress and negative energy is to stop creating it. Maybe you don't realize it, but you are creating some of the negative energy in your life. This article will help you to breathe a little.