How to Move Beyond Jewelry, Fashion and Makeup to Find the Real You


Go to your quiet spot in your home, or outside underneath a nice-sized tree, and get ready to learn more about you. First, you need to get into a mode of prayer/meditation. This does not have to be religious, but you are just preparing your body to relax while you get in touch with your inner self. However, at this time its ok if you want to ask your higher power to guide you while you are moving toward self discovery. When you are in a mode of prayer/meditation via taking some deep breaths, you are ready to go to the next step.


Begin to meditate on the following phrase:

"I am a powerful being, and I came to earth to live a life of purpose and discovery."


Open your journal and write today's date and the above phrase towards the top of the journal.


Ask yourself, your guides, and your higher power out loud what your purpose is on earth, and wait for the answers to flow to you. The answers may come immediately, or they may come in trickles over the next few days. Whenever simple ideas, complex, or even silly ideas begin to come to you, write them down in your journal no matter how you feel about them at the time. You might even consider doing this part right before bedtime. This will give your subconscious time to "hear" the answer for you. If you decide to do this at bedtime, then make sure that you keep your lucky pen and your journal next to your bed. Don't be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night with several ideas spinning around inside of you. Write them down!


After a few days have gone by, pick up your journal and begin to comb through what you have written. Notice that your mind will begin to associate thoughts and words with what you have written down. Now, you need to weed out negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive ones.

What you are looking for in your journal are ideas that really pop out and make you excited behind the ears or in your stomach area. Those are the one that will lead you to your true purpose and towards discovering the real you. Now, write those thoughts down as fast as you can, just underneath the first thoughts your wrote down. These are the thoughts and ideas that will point you to the real you and to the purpose of your existance.

Perhaps, you may discover that you are really put on earth to help others, or perhaps you are put here to show people how to really enjoy life. Just keep in mind there are millions of possibilities! You can always repeat this exercise to discover even deeper ideas about yourself.

Tips and Warnings

  • Take your Time.
  • Use the patience that you already have to understand what you have discovered.
  • Share your knowledge and discovery with someone else.
  • Even though our society is largely based on outer appearances, it is very possible for you to know how to move beyond jewelry, fashion, and makeup to find the real you. The real you is just waiting to come out and shine, but many times we spend too much time decorating our outer appearances that our inner woman/man gets neglected and forgets how to shine. You were born to sparkle and live a life of passionate purpose and discovery. Therefore, you must spend some time getting to know the real you.

    Choosing to find the real you is not a path for the faint of heart or for those that wish to remain shallow. It takes courage and a burning desire to want to move to a deeper depth of self knowledge.

    Finding the real you is strongly related to your purpose. Once you find your purpose, you will find out more about the real you.

    Once you apply the following steps to your life, not only will you find the real you, but you will discover that jewelry, fashion, and makeup will only serve to enhance your true-whole self. As people view your enhanced outer beauty, it will be impossible for them not to notice that special sparkle in your eyes, as you begin to live with more passion, purpose, and confidence.

    After you go through the following process you will be more focused, and you will begin to work through your purpose each day. Therefore, you will begin to live the authentic you. So here goes. Dive in and take your time.