How to Stop a Rumor


Step 1) I absolutely hate gossip! Rumors are just a really trashy way to carry on a conversation with another human being. The first step in stopping rumors is LISTENING. When someone is gossiping their head off about say-and-so, listen until their done. You might as well let that person get it all off their chest.


Step 2) After that person has stopped gossiping their head off, they will 9 times out of 10 ask you the question "What do you think?" "Do you agree?" They want you to spread the rumor virus too. Say the following "HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE WAS TALKING LIKE THAT ABOUT YOUR BEHIND YOUR BACK?" Guilt trips have a way of making people look inside themselves. Most of the time guilt trips are bad ways of changing someone's behavior; in trying to stop a rumor, they are essential!


Step 3) The person will be upset that you are taking the high-road and are not engaging in their gossip. They will continually ask you what you think and will become frustrated that you refuse to comment on the situation. This is what will eventually happen: THAT PERSON WILL STOP TRYING TO SPREAD RUMORS THROUGH YOU. That's how you can stop the rumor mill. I hope this has been a helpful article on how to stop rumors and gossip. Good luck!

This is an article on how to stop a rumor.