How to build Self-Confidence: Part 1- Appearance


Who said that appearances aren't everything? Well, what hole did they crawl out of? Appearances create impressions that last a lifetime. You can be the most intelligent, well spoken and knowledgeable person known to man, but if you look as if you just came from the depths of hell whose going to listen to you to find out.
If you are battling with issues of lack of self-confidences one strategy that you can use is start looking the part. If you're a business women or a house wife, look the part. You should make sure that you are well groomed and dressed to impress when ever in the presences of others. Impress who you might say. Dress to impress your self, because believe it or not we are our worst critics. If you impress yourself then you will definitely be able to impress others. When you look good you feel good.


Ways to improve you appearances is become aware of yourself. As women we have to know our body types, hair types and personality types. If you know that your hair is going to fall when the weather is humid, why where your hair down? Pin it up, save yourself the trouble. Then you can walk boldly knowing that you won't look or feel like a damp rag by the end of the day.
Now ladies, I'm a full figured woman, so I will have to say that we must be aware of our body types. When you walk out the door you must be aware of what you are wearing. What type of image are you trying to project? Are you projecting classy, sassy or trashy? And no they are not all the same.


In a nutshell, look the way you want to feel. By projecting an image that you can be confident in, you will have a greater sense of self-confidence in what ever you do. Look the part feel the part.

Step 1 of a 10 part series on How to Build Self-Confidence.

Appearance is a big part of how you feel about yourself. Start thinking about how you look.