How to Avoid the Danger of Isolation, During a Bout of Depression


When feeling severely depressed, it is easy to isolate, not answer the phone--or the doorbell. This is because any interaction is such an effort. NO! You really don't care if their kid got accepted to Harvard, or their husband lost his job--or even that their house burned down!
AND the truth is you truly don't!


Depression is a very ego-centric condition. You feel worthless,like the scum of the earth--but so involved in your own pain, you can't empathize with anyone else. The only way to avoid a total collapse into some delusional, self involved state, however, is to be exposed to the world and identify with the pain of others. Hopefully, you will have a friend or family member who drags you out of your isolation.


Left to isolate, your thoughts tend to exaggerate whatever is your most serious issue---usually self loathing, to the point where you may develop auditory--even visual hallucinations. These are voices or images of either strangers--or maybe family who validate you feelings of worthlessness. Not only validate it, but as several suicide survivors have told me that they distinctly hear the voice say " DO IT!"!

Tips and Warnings

  • The good news is that these people, who seek treatment, maintain sobriety and comply with medications,as ordered, usually have excellent results.
  • The dark side is that 15\% of people with Major Depressive disorder, sucessfully suicide.
  • A serious depression is far more serious than feelings of disappointment and sadness. The following symptoms vary from person to person, but are typical.

    5 of these symptoms must be present for a period of two weeks or more meet the criteria for a Major Depression.

    *Irritability and agitation
    *A serious change in appetite (can be fasting, or overeating)
    *Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or even self hate
    *Change in sleep habits (either can't sleep of excessive sleeping)
    *Inactivity and withdrawal
    *Inability to enjoy what usually is found pleasurable
    *Suicidal thoughts

    There is a significant point at which a person can decline from sadness to suicidal thoughts, and this usually occurs as a person slides into the comfortable, less stressful state of isolation. If this person is you--or friend, know that isolation, though comfortable, intensifies all the negative feelings.