How to Change Bad Habit


Step 1) Bad habits can keep you from becoming the person that you were born to be. The first step in changing bad habits is LISTING THE TOP 10 HABITS THAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE IN YOURSELF. Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you drink alcohol? Do you do drugs? Are you lazy? Are you self-obsessed? List your top 10 character flaws on a sheet of paper.


Step 2) The second step in changing your bad habits is looking at your list of 10 and making a CONSCIOUS DAILY DECISION to work on all of those. Make a Decision. Make a Resolution. Decide to be a better you each day at a time.


Step 3) The third step in changing bad habits is BEING LOGICAL. Emotions can be helpful in the beginning of breaking a bad habit, but are not that helpful in the long run. Regardless of how you feel on a given daily basis, resolve not to do such-and-such-thing. This is the step most missed when breaking a bad habit.


Step 4) The fourth step in changing bad habits is MAKING NEW GOOD HABITS. Did you stop smoking cigarettes? Now start exercising more. Did you stop drinking alcohol? Start volunteering more in your community.


Step 5) The fifth step in changing bad habits is REPITITION. We are all creatures of habit. After you have been doing something for 3 months or more, you will find that you will continually do it. I hope this has been a helpful article on how to change bad habits. Good luck!

This is an article on how to change bad habits.