How to Express Your Inner Yin and Yang


Know that it exists. You have to know that these female and male energies exists within you. The moment you begin to recognize this is the moment you will feel the need to use it for your own good. It is not good to repress both these energies. Your best choice is to know that first of all that it is there, and to accept it.


Keep it balanced. The more you keep these two balanced the better you will get at understanding the need for both. In the western culture it is easy to assume and take pride in one particular energy. In particular the male energy in the west is very dominant. However, if you begin to access both these energies at the same time and honor them, you will see a remarkable difference in your way of life, and overall health.


Let go of the ego during this process. The ego is notorious for always wanting to interfere with this process. It always wants to say things like, I'm a man I must stick to manly things only. Or I am woman I must stick to only women things. Knowing how to quiet the ego is essential to balancing both the female and male energies within you. This will lead to a more balanced and healthy life.

Tips and Warnings

  • Know that it exists
  • Keep it balanced
  • Let go of the ego
  • Masculine and feminine energies. These are something that in order to live a really balanced lifestyle, we must own up to both. This may be challenging for many people. Yet this dual nature within each person must be accepted and honored to keep life in balance.