How to Get Anything You Want


Know the difference between wants and needs. In order to identify the things in life that can reasonably be attained, it's important to know the difference between frivolous wishes, and things that will really benefit your existence. For instance, if you're simply longing for a $4,000 handbag, then ask yourself how important this item really is to you. Then, question why you want the bag. You may discover that the actual item is not what you're coveting, but rather--the status that comes with it. (See how this works?)


Be patient. Many people think that getting everything they want, means getting everything they want---RIGHT NOW. Most successful people understand that life's biggest rewards are those that been achieved over time. Sure, life offers us instant pleasures. But you'll find that most terrific things are actually worth waiting for. You remember that old saying about the hare and the tortoise? Well, there's some truth to that.


Have a plan. In most cases, you will probably end up spinning your wheels unless you actually have a plan for how you'll achieve certain goals. This may sound like an idealistic load of "fluff." But you would be surprised by the number of people who believe that great things should come to them automatically--with very little effort. Having a plan (even a small one) will certainly go a long way in breathing life into a dream.


Learn how to recognize when you've won. Sometimes people don't even realize when they've obtained the things they've asked for. You may have wished for the perfect job, without realizing that the career you want is just a cubicle away. Great romances, even loads of talent--are all things that people wish for, but don't realize they already have. Part of getting anything and everything you ever wanted, is in recognizing when it's been handed to you.

Tips and Warnings

  • Learn how to recognize when you've actually obtained the things you want.
  • Don't expect instant results.
  • Getting the things we want out of life can seem virtually impossible--especially when those things include such things as never-ending love, or lottery winnings. But the things that really matter in life are often more attainable than you might think. It just takes a little careful thought and some emotional "elbow grease."