How to Grieve the Right Way


The grieving process can be difficult to live through. There is not a right or wrong way to grieve. With a few steps, many individuals can find comfort and encouragement while going through the grieving process. Here are a few suggestions to ease the pain of grieving.


Find Someone To Talk To-You may want to visit with a pastor, therapist, or friend who is a good listener and will give you the opportunity to express your feelings about the death of your loved one or the loss of something important. The best listeners sit with you and share your grief without giving unwanted advice.


Tend to the Spiritual You-If you are religious, the spirituality can be defined according to your faith. Seek your God and talk to Him. If you are not religious, the spirituality may be defined through your relationship with nature, music, poetry, or in a way that is special to you. Often, healing is accelerated by tending to our spiritual self.


Feel Your Feelings-Don't avoid or feel guilty about your feelings. Feelings of sadness, anger and loneliness are normal and should be respected. Many people make the mistake of losing themselves in work, study, or outside obligations. They hide their tears to protect those they love. Although such approaches may appear to give relief, they often lead to unwanted consequences such as prolonged grief or physical illness. Grief is like a long, dark tunnel. You cannot go over or under it nor can you go around it. The only way is through it.


Try to Maintain a Normal Schedule-Set the alarm clock so you get out of bed at the same time everyday. Eat regular meals. Talk with friends and family. As much as possible go to bed at the same time. Keepig to a normal schedule will instill order and give you a sense of control at a time when you are feeling most impotent.


Treat Yourself-Think of things that you really enjoy doing, and then go do them. Take time to go to a movie. Go for a walk in the park. Read that book you've wanted to read. It is important to avoid the natural tendency to isolate yourself.

Tips and Warnings

  • By hitting your grief head on and working through it instead of avoiding it, you will be able to move past through the pain and agony of grieving faster. The time for healing is different for everyone. Don't feel discouraged or guilty. Take whatever time you need.
  • Do you ever wonder the proper way to grieve following the loss of something or someone in your life? Learn how grieving can be done effectively for a future filled with happiness.