How to Increase your Creative mind


Learn how to be ambidexterous. This causes you to use both sides of your brain. One side for logic and reason and the other side for creativity. If you can activate both sides of your brain frequently then creative ideas will flow to you much easier. Try doing many things that involve using both hands and switch hands often.


Move your eyes back and forth for thirty seconds. This activates both sides of the brain quickly for some quick creative thinking.


Daydreaming is an effective way to boost your creativity. Just letting your mind wander gives your subconscious mind time to wander and come up with new ideas.


Try walking backwards when visualizing or problem solving. This stimulates the brain in a sense of being in an unfamiliar situation which cause you to think differently.

With the world expanding everyday with new ideas, we need to learn how to keep up the creativity of the world. Ideas start from a thought, and that thought comes from a creative mind. Use these tips to improve your creativity.