How to Look on The Bright Side of Everything in Life


Recognize that you are in control of your attitude. Decide to wake up every morning with a positive attitude to start the day and to make things happen the way you would like them. Create a list of goals and positive affirmations and read them daily.


Smile. No matter what happens to you on a daily basis, get in the habit of smiling through it and realize that things happen in life that we may not be able to control. Smiling through it will make it a little easier to bear.


Learn to laugh at problem situations instead of worrying or brooding about them. Take the necessary next step to remedy the problem so that you can move forward. Somehow, you will get through the mess of whatever it is and showing that you can laugh about it will make it easier to bear.


Recognize that there are many others in a worse situation than you are right now, so things really could be worse. Be grateful for all positive things happening to you right now, it makes it easier to look on the bright side of things. Don't allow yourself to get depressed too long. Read your positive affirmations as often as necessary.


Seek out a support system in your partner, family member, friend, co-worker or church member. Do weekly calls if needed with them and ask them to help you stay positive and in turn you can help your loved one do the same.


Volunteer or donate to your favorite charity on a routine basis. This will assist you in knowing the blessings you do have in your life as well as promoting an ability to help others in need.


Eat a well balanced diet and exercise daily as many times, anxiety and depression are a result of a lack of vital nutrients that the body requires daily. Use the Food Pyramid as a guide to a healthy diet and do an exercise you haven't done in a while like skating!

Tips and Warnings

  • Use the tips from The Law of Attraction to assist your positive thinking
  • Seek medical advice for serious mental conditions
  • There are many times when we may get down and depressed over things that happen to us daily either due to the economy, our jobs, our families, our health. There are ways to overcome any adversity and learn to look at the bright side of things, especially when we have control over our attitudes. Follow these tips for a more positive outlook in everything in life.