How to Recover From a Bad Day


Just breathe. With any stressful situation, taking a few deeps breaths tends to calm most people down. The main thing this exercise is good for is clearing the mind so you are able to think and respond rationally. Anger and frustration tends to bring the worst out in us, so this technique can help thwart those bad vibes surrounding us when we are having a crappy day.


Remember that this day can only last 24 hours. Tomorrow is new and fresh, and though your problems may not have disappeared, you have the opportunity to make the most out of what comes your way.


Seek solitude. Sometimes the cure to a bad day is simply giving yourself a time-out. We all need alone time, and seeing that many bad days are because of other people in our lives, spending some time alone can be highly therapeutic.


Take a walk...or a jog, or a run. Exercising can help bring down stress levels caused from a bad day. Sometimes all it takes is a 20 minute power walk around the block to make you feel a little better after a hard day.


Pray or meditate. Many people find relief in consulting a higher power after encountering a stressful situation or difficult day.


Don't let one bad day keep you down. Try to stay positive, even if you have every reason to see the negative side. Speak life to a bad situation. Sometimes saying something out loud over and over again is the best way to start believing that things will get better.

It goes without saying that all of us have bad days from time to time. The question is how does one recover from having a bad day? Here are a few techniques to try the next time a bad day kicks you in the hind quarters.