How to Release Using the Sedona Method


Deciding to drop the emotion. You must decide that you want to drop the emotion you are going through. Visualize holding that emotion in your hand. Grip it tightly and roll it around in your hand. Visualize holding on to that emotion as an object that you can easily drop. Feel the attachment to the object, and then visualize dropping that object as a reflection of the emotion you are willing to let go.


Welcome and allow the emotion that you want to let go. Focus on what you want to feel better about. The goal is to welcome the feeling and be aware of that feeling.


Diving into the core of the emotion. Ask, "What do I see?" According to Hale Dwoskin, current teacher of the Sedona Method, nothing exists at the core, only peace and silence. The emotions are on the surface. And the emotions on the surface are easy to let go.


Holistic releasing is the fourth step. Emotionally based problems are held together and defined by opposites. Welcoming both sides or opposites of the emotion, as opposed to clinging to one and resisting the other, creates a situation where the emotion can dissolve, leaving a clear and empty space within to allow new experiences.

Tips and Warnings

  • Releasing using the Sedona Method can be used to deal with everything from addictions to weight loss.
  • Imagine your life being able to let go of your limiting beliefs and patterns. Imagine bringing wealth, inner peace and healthier relationships into your life. In 1952, Lester Levenson discovered that his attachment to his feelings were the cause of a terminal illness. He went on to discover a release technique of letting go of unwanted feelings, leading to a life of greater happiness and fulfillment. The Method is based on the premise that feelings are just feelings and not facts and therefore can be let go. There are four steps to the Sedona Method.