How to Stop thinking


Allow yourself to relax as much as possible. You can lay down , sit , or stand , which ever you prefer.


As the thoughts come focus on your breathing or music. I personally enjoy using my breathing as its always around to use.

Do not focus on trying to not think, this will only create more thinking!


Continue until you feel centered and content , you may have trouble at first but after a little practice you will have mastery over your mind.

You can turn your thoughts off any where you like , just keep in mind that thoughts aren't bad all the time , especially when operating vehicles or other potentially dangerous objects!

Tips and Warnings

  • If you are using music , try to use music with out vocals as the voices may spark thought.
  • Many people all over the world suffer from an over abundance of thought. This can lead to second guessing yourself , missing the bigger picture , or preventing you from seeing the obvious.

    With the ability to stop those pesky thoughts you will be able relax and press your internal reset button. This can lead to a more enjoyable day , reduced stress , and even better recollection of events.