How to Overcome a Fear of Interacting With Others


Find someone that can offer you psychotherapy. These services help people that have social phobias and social anxiety problems. They focus on some issues that include mood, work, shyness, stress and social skill problems. The program is goal-focused, creative and elective. According to Licensed Clinical Social Worker Jonathan Berent, psychotherapy helps people with social anxiety learn how to interact and be social.


Look for a permanent solution to overcome a fear of interacting with others by using hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy will help make positive changes that you really want, according to professional hypnotherapist Paul Douglass. It focuses on using hypnosis. Douglass says he believes that combining hypnotherapy with psychoanalysis will help people more because it deals with a bigger set of problems. When hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis are combined they create hypnoanalysis. Hypnoanalysis helps people remember things from their past that created the unhealthy feelings and emotions they have today.


Contact a behavior therapy specialist. According to Dr. John H. Greist, medication and behavior therapy helps people that have a fear of interacting with others. Medicine can have a really good effect on patients and behavior therapy helps lower anxiety. Behavior therapy also helps people get over their fear of social situations. It helps people face social situations instead of avoiding them.

Tips and Warnings

  • Take your time facing your fears. Don't rush into facing your fear too soon. Things take time and you should give yourself time to change the way you think and feel.
  • A lot of people have a fear of interacting with others. This fear can make people feel scared of talking to people they don't know, feel scared of being rejected, feel less confident in themselves and make them want to avoid situations. This fear can ruin people's lives because it can make them lose their job or prevent them from having a nice career because they can't interact with people. If you also have this fear of interacting with others you can learn how to overcome this fear and live a normal life.