How to Cleanse Your Mind and Body


Cleansing your body! Our bodies cannot fully function the way it was desgined with chemicals and polutants clogging it up. It has gotten so bad with the food, the air, and even our water. 95\% of our population is polluted and our bodies are dying quicker and developing unexplainable illnesses! We must clean our bodies and try to go organic as much as possible. Filter all your water. Say "NO" to chemicals and "YES" to quality life.


Cleanse your mind! What do you think about everyday? My bets are that you think about something you saw on tv or you most likely think about bills and getting ahead. Our society has conditioned us to be in debt and want more. Our society tells us to keep our minds busy on meaningless pursuit and material gain. These are not clean thoughts that work hand in hand with our bodies. We must change our views and cleanse our minds of the things that mean nothing. Here is a great meditating excersice. Close your eyes and sit or lay down. Imagine yourself on your death bed. Imagine you are 85 and it is at the end of your life. Think about what you wish you did and who/what is most important to you. Stay here as long as you can. Think. When you open your eyes, look in the mirrior and see the time you have left.


Combine forces! It's time to combine body and mind and see the powerful being that you are. It is time to cleanse your life. Make appropriate changes, erase the past, erase negitivity, and start living truth. You have one life, not to be wasted on meaningless tasks and existence. Feed your body only good things and feed your mind thoughts of truth. GOOD LUCK AND LIVE LONG!

Please check out my links to helpful resources for your quest at the bottom of this article. Thanks.

What is this connection between our mind and body which has yet to be explained by anyone. Sure, many people have their theories but rather than jumping on the budist band wagon or becoming a munk...maybe the answer lies within ourselves. People cling to religion, or even yoga to obtain that sense of peace which can be accomplished without proclaiming any kind of alliance with anything or anyone except the universe itself.