How to Cope With Emotional Abuse


Get into counseling. This will help you to identify the cause of your distress. It also helps to talk with a trusted friend.


Once you have identified the cause of the abuse. Try and forgive the person who abused you. This will help you to move on and learn to handle things differently.


If you can't remember details from your past, this can be a sign of abuse. Hypnosis has been known to unlock memories. If you are ready to explore that part of your past I suggest that you give hypnosis a try.


Talking with the person that caused the abuse is another way to cope. If possible and they are open to the idea. Sit down with them and share with them your take on the events.


Meditation also helps to clear your mind and focus your thoughts.

Emotional abuse can be hard to detect. It can be even harder to cope with. Those that have been abused emotionally have a hard time trusting other people. They may be withdrawn and have trouble forming relationships.