How to Eliminate boredom in your life


Get curious about things. Every one has something they can be curious about. If you are in the break room and the woman pops something in the toaster what questions could you ask yourself? What did she put in the toaster? Where did it come from? How does the toaster work? You can get really technical here and get down to the radiation from the wire biased on its resistance. If those are not your bag you could ask yourself why can't she keep a boyfriend? Why does she pick out such expensive looking clothing?

I bet you can think of a lot more questions than I have here! The questions are endless!


Think about how can I learn from this question? How can I use it to benefit me? Next time I go to the store I may look at what types of pop tarts are available. I may find a type I like better. Perhaps I will want to study the resistively of nichrome wire. Perhaps there is something she is doing in her relationships and I may be doing it as well. Perhaps if I acted a little differently things might be a little smoother at home. If I dressed that nicely would people treat me differently?


Take action and keep asking questions. The more you know the more you realize you don't know.
If someone has a quality you do not have and you desire ask how you can obtain that quality.


Enjoy life to the fullest.

There is a lot to learn in this world.

Are you ever bored? Unless you are in ICU you never have you be bored again. I am going to share my secret in this article. If you choose to use this line of thinking you can enjoy the benefits too.