How to Find Character Traits of a Bully


Signs of a Bully

?Hot headed and tempermental, very impulsive
?Frustrated Easily
?Difficult time with rules
?Looks at violence as a good thing.
?Children being bullied are usually small in size, and not as strong.

A cause of bullying has not been found. More than likely the bully targets his victims, and their home-life has signs of abuse; or other characteristics.


Family Risk Factors

Children that don't get the love and affection at home that they need sometimes retaliate by teasing, and bullying other children. These are school bullies that know their parents aren't there for them; they have no set limits, or rules. They more or less take care of themselves. They don't have the kind of friends they should have, and are more apt to get into more trouble.

The parents aren't always there to give them adequate supervision, so they believe they can do whatever they want; and get away with it. Sometimes, they have a stern father figure, whom is demanding and controlling. He isn't there to show the child he cares. Everything gets out of hand at home, and children get thrown into a verbally abusive or bullying home life.


Characteristics of Anti Social Behavior

Antisocial behavior is frequently shown by the school bully. Bullies usually have an antisocial personality disorder, showing themselves to violent behavior as well. Children that bully may have some of these characteristics.

?Fight with others, or injured by fighting's
?Steal from others or destroy property
?Substance abuse, not limited to drugs. Including Smoking, and alcohol binges.
?School truancy
?School Drop out
?Has weapons on themselves.

Your school should have a Bully Prevention Program for students helping with the anxiety stress relief. If not there should be some kind of disciplinary action enforced. Talking to your child about being bullied or teased at school, should be done by the parents first. Having a school counselor, or a family counselor available is always an option too.

Tips and Warnings

  • Have rules for bullies at school
  • Have rules at home for willful child
  • School conference for any problems
  • Consequences for any teasing or bullying at school
  • All children have different character trait. When kids are sent to school we expect them to get along with other children. There are some children that continually tease other children, and bully them; it happens every day. Then it is time for the parents, or the teachers to find a solution. As it will keep happening, and affect other children in the classroom too.

    There are some character traits that draw these bullies toward other children, that don't bully. Someone who don't bully is usually a calmer child, and easy to get along with. If a child is being abused emotionally by a school bully, there are common characteristics to look out for.