How to Handle Depression When It Comes Your Way


Step One: Acknowledge that you're feeling down and that you need some time to feel what you're feeling. Everyone feels down and depressed at some time in their life. Maybe you've lost a loved one or lost a job or perhaps you've been given a low rating on something you worked hard on. The list is endless on what makes one feel sad and depressed. But, the first step toward feeling better and getting out of depression, is to acknowledge that you are depressed.


Step Two: Once you've acknowledged that you're feeling depressed, think about what you want to do to feel better. One of the best ways to help with depression is to have a healthy diet. Such a diet would include salads, fruits and vegetables, lean meats and snacks low in sugar and fat. Stay away from caffeine and other stimulants such as coffee, sugar and cold medicenes. In addition, keep alcohol and drugs out of your life. They are bad for your mental health and make any negative situation even worse. Keeping a healthy diet will make you feel good, especially with the B vitamins that are in salads and vegetables. B vitamins are especially good for one's nerves; they have a calming affect that is especially helpful with depression.


Step Three: Put some exercise into your life. Walking or bicycling are especially good. Getting out in the sunshine and fresh air can be exhilerating and uplifting, often making one who is depressed, happier and more positive.


Step Four: Talk with someone you trust; a family member, a friend, spouse or other. When you talk with someone who cares about you and wants the best for you, you will find much of your worries and depression, floating away. And, often such sharing can offer ideas of what to do next; what avenues to pursue when you're feeling better.


Step Five: Get involved in a hobby or other activity that you enjoy or have thought about doing such as writing, volunteering in an area that you like and enjoy or a different or more interesting job; a job that you once thought about, but didn't check into.


Step Six: And,if nothing seems to work and you remain depressed for longer than a month, then don't be afraid to check out a mental health professional. Remember, everyone feels down at some point in their life. And, when you're physically sick, you seek help from your doctor, so don't be afraid to seek help for your emotional side. You deserve to feel positive and to have a good life!

Tips and Warnings

  • Depression need not run your life. You are the captain of your life. So, don't give up and keep moving and trying, for with every problem in life, there is an answer!
  • If you cannot find a way to get depression out of your life, don't despair. Check out what is available in your area concerning mental health clinics or speak with a minister, pastor, etc. Help is out there; you are not alone...
  • Depression can happen to anyone but you don't have to live with it for long. There are several, simple steps that can "shove" that depression out of your life.