How to Remember more things and Be More Knowledgeable


Your mind when you talk about something it automatically records it sees that you're interested in therefore it decides to keep it. As if you wasn't interested in a way but you did want to learn it, you'll have a hard time remembering it.


If you have a habit writing things down to help you remember things stop doing that focus on remembering the things that you have to do by associating it with different things. Example if you have to remember to pick up the kid from school just remember kid school, ok you're kid is not home right now is around 2pm you're going to automatically know you have to pick them up from school.


Be interested in wanting to remember things. Even if it seems boring to you, fake it pretend that you're interested and you will remember it. Your brain cant tell the difference whether you're faking it or not.


Make remembering things a habit practice remembering things on a daily basis without writing anything down at all.
Challenge your brain with puzzling questions, thoughts.


Associate something that you're trying to remember with something you already know this will help you a lot more. Since you already know what you know, by just adding what you're trying to remember into it you'll have a much easier time.


Close eyes think what you're trying to remember visualize it a couple of times, repeated to yourself over and over.
Have confidence, be persistent.


Observe what best helps you remember as well. People can say anything but best way to remember things it self is to choose what best works for you

Have you ever met somebody but you couldn't remember what that persons name was later on.
Have you ever been to a place and you know how to get there yet you didn't know how to give the details to it.
Or how about have you wanted to remember a lot more things and learn things a lot quicker.
Lots of people learn by visualizing pictures objects, or colors more than words itself.
There's a way to relate both and this is was going to help you remember things a lot easier and in a shorter amount of time.