How to Turn a Bad Day Around


First of all, get some perspective about your life. Write down on a piece of paper at least ten things you are grateful for in one column, and then write down ten things you are grateful you don't have to deal with. Once you look at your list, it will help give you perspective on how lucky your life already is, and how it could be a whole lot worse.


Go see a funny movie. Laughter is a definite cure to a bad day! If you can't get to a movie, get comfortable and immerse yourself into a steamy romance novel or exciting mystery book. Escapism can be a great method in helping you forget about your bad day.


Take a walk, go dancing, or do any favorite activity that will make you exercise. Exercise will increase serotonin and chemically improve your mood.


Treat yourself to a dessert, a fancy latte, or your favorite food. Sometimes a hot fudge sundae will do wonders in turning a bad day around, however don't make it a habit.


Sit quietly, take some deep breaths, and meditate. If meditating is too difficult, simply relax on your couch and listen to music. Think about only good things or let your imagination run wild.


Call a friend or family member that is upbeat and sure to cheer you up. Spend time with someone in your social network and have a good time. Friends are great for offering an ear to listen and taking your mind off a bad day.


Write in a journal how you are feeling and let all of your problems out. Getting your thoughts out on paper may help you get a better perspective of the problem and you might even be able to solve it.


Look to the future. Will the things that are causing your bad day matter in your future? In most cases, what's causing your bad day will eventually pass, or at least you will learn to deal with it because you are resilient. Focus on what you have to look forward to in your life.

So you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Or maybe work is getting you down. Unfortunately, not everyday is going to be a good one. You are the one who decides how to handle a bad day and believe it or not, it can be turned around. If you want to find out how to turn your bad day around, read on.