Bipolar Disorder & Job Discrimination

Find a Good Fit

Start by looking for jobs that you are well-qualified for where your limitations won't get in the way. Consider looking for a job that offers health insurance.


Potential employers are not allowed to ask you about medical problems unless they are visible or you bring them up. You don't need to tell your employer about your condition; rather, explain why you're a good fit for the job

Know the Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and its amendment passed in 2008, ensure that employers provide accommodations to individuals with disabilities under certain conditions.


Accommodations are provided based on need, and the person who needs them must ask. The employer should investigate and offer modifications or adaptations based on the need as soon as possible.


Consider looking for a job with the federal government, which is required to hire people with disabilities and offers non-competitive jobs. If you feel you've been discriminated against, contact a lawyer immediately. If you have bipolar disorder, you may find it hard to get or keep a job due to discrimination. Knowing your rights will help you develop strategies to find a job and keep working.