Causes of Bipolar II Disorder


Bipolar II disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mood disorder which is characterized by mood swings of being overly happy to severely depressed and then a period in which the mood is normal.


Research shows that bipolar II disorder is most likely a genetic condition. The disorder can be triggered or started by an emotional or environmental event. Once the disorder is triggered, the mood and anxiety is said to be a chemical imbalance.


Some of the symptoms of bipolar II disorder include depression, mania and hypomania. The symptoms can lead to suicide, family problems and work impairment.


Bipolar II disorder is the most common type of bipolar disorder. The bipolar II disorder develops in early adulthood, though some symptoms can be traced back to a patient's childhood.


Because bipolar II disorder can be destructive, it is vital that you get treatment if you have any symptoms or if you feel you may have the disorder. Treatment can include medication, lifestyle changes and therapy. Bipolar II disorder is one of four types of bipolar disorders. The condition is said to affect about 5 percent of the population. It is the most common of the four types of disorders.