How to Help a Person Through a Panic Attack


When a person is going through a panic attack, there are a lot of things going on inside of them. In their body and in their mind. The first thing they most often feel is an odd heat that begins at their feet and shoots straight up to the top of their head. Their chest will sometimes hurt, making them feel as if they are having a panic attack.


The person feels as if they are actually dying. Their heart rate jumps up as well as their blood pressure. They tend to get dizzy. It is important for you to research panic attacks and how to cope with someone who is having one so that you can help them get through it as quick as possible.


The first thing you should do is calm them down as best you can. Panic attacks come quickly, so you need to think quickly. If you are in a vehicle, it helps to have the air blowing directly in their face, so turn up the fan on your car and ask them to lean into the air.


If you are at home, the same rule applies... a regular fan is great, but if you do not have one, use a magazine or anything that can be used as a fan. Bring them a cool glass of water. Another trick that I have learned through experience is to have them place their heads between their knees and lightly scratch their backs with your finger nails. This calms the person down and the attack usually lasts between ten seconds or up to twenty seconds or more.

The first things friends and family have to realize is that panic attacks are real. They are very hard for someone to go through. It is crucial that you as a friend or family member know what to do when this occurs.