How to Monitor Children After Starting Prozac


Starts a journal in which you track any changes in behavior or physical characteristics of a child taking Prozac. Commence making records in the journal before the child starts taking Prozac, if at all possible, so that you have a baseline of conduct and physical characteristics to work from in monitoring use of the medication.


Monitor the mood of a child on Prozac. Because the goal of the medication is to improve a child's mood--relieve her depression, for example--ideally you will see mood improvement. There are rare instances in which a child on Prozac will start to experience suicidal feelings. If you actually see a deterioration in the child's mood, seek medical attention immediately.


Pay attention to the child's appetite while on Prozac. Marked changes in appetite indicates the onset of more severe depression or other type of emotional or mental health issue. Prompt medical attention is necessary if a dietary change occurs.


Make note of a child's sleep habits and overall energy while on Prozac. Medications of this type can render a child a bit drowsy at different points during the day. However, more severe changes in sleep patterns are a sign that something possible is a awry in regard to the child's response to Prozac. A disturbance of this type also needs to be brought to the attention of a doctor.


Maintain a child's dosage of the medication. Never stop giving a child prescribed Prozac on your own volition. Altering or stopping a child's Prozac prescription causes serious problems in many instances. This underscores the need to seek prompt medical attention if there appear to be any issues. A doctor needs to closely supervise removing a child from Prozac.

Prozac is prescribed for children diagnosed with serious depression. The drug also is given to children who demonstrate early signs of what is considered obsessive-compulsive behavior in an adult. A parent needs to understand how to monitor children after starting Prozac. There are some potential significant side effects associated with Prozac use by children that can be avoided through early intervention.