How to Stop Wasting Time Online


Understand Your Motivations

Make it a point to understand your own online behavior by asking yourself some questions.

Where do my interests lie and what grabs my attention consistently?

Am I a closet, or self-proclaimed, facebook junkie, twitter-holic, online gamer, or out-of-control shopper?

What aspect of being online seems to take up most of my time? What part of being online brings up guilty feelings for me?

Am I so addicted to forums and facebook that I am ignoring my children?

Am I so impressed by every awesome piece of internet copy that I continually make purchases I cannot afford?

Can I just get off the video game for once?

Do I continue to fall prey to online scams for "make money online"?

And the list goes on...

Be honest now.


Plan Your Time

Each morning (or evening- whichever suits you), take five minutes to write out a schedule for your day. Not just a list, but an actual schedule- in blocks of time.

Break your day down into achievable chunks with time allotted for small breaks and moments to yourself.
Schedule in the time you will read and answer e-mails, make phone calls, surf the internet, work on your business, write your article, exercise, eat lunch, etc....

Make sure your list is in alignment with your personal and business goals, and allocate the time more heavily in these areas. Allow some room for other things as well.

A chunky-time list can assist in alleviating procrastinator tendencies, and will often reward with the feeling of accomplishment of doing something bit by bit, step-by step to make progress.

Keep it handy throughout the day and do your best to stick to it.


Use A Timer

If you haven't already heard this before-the egg timer does wonders for time management. It is amazing how something so cheap (and silly) can produce productive time usage rivaling some of the most organized people out there. Could this be one of their secrets?

By turning the egg timer on for each segment of your day, it somehow hones you into the task at hand. You are disciplining yourself to give full attention to whatever you have allotted to that time slot. Something about this method helps to bring focus to a razor sharp edge; heightening creativity and productiveness. It's like a micro-deadline.

And if you are using the egg timer for productivity, you can also use it to limit your online time.

Play around with your scheduling to create something that works with your natural rhythm and habits.


Enjoy-Guilt Free

When you have the time actually scheduled into your day to enjoy being online, the world wide web can be used without feelings of aimlessness, or procrastination, arising. It is your time scheduled to enjoy the online world and all it has to offer.

And yes, you may stray a bit, but having a schedule (and a plan) really helps to make sure that you are still functioning in the world and moving forward; rather than becoming one with your laptop and fading into the black hole of cyber space.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do something else instead. Get up, get out, get moving.
  • Keep It Real. Real World that is!
  • No glazed over surfing because you feel stuck, or are avoiding doing something. This isn't helping anyone-especially you.
  • The magnetic online world beckons to many of us everyday. It welcomes us with enticing offerings and gives us an emotional experience with every twist and turn.

    "Almighty Internet-You bestow us with endless opportunities for connection, research, information, business, and entertainment. "

    "Yet with your good, there is also your bad."

    The downside of online time can be numerous, but it all boils down to one thing-the procrastinating distraction from life.

    I'm sure most of us would agree that the internet carries some major-league addictive properties to it. There are so many intriguing sites to be found right at our fingertips. And believe me, I know just how difficult it can be to limit the time spent online, but moderation applies here, as much as anywhere else. Listed below are some proven techniques to understanding our motivations on the internet, and limiting our online time.

    We have the choice to put a halt to the creeping cyber world vine, while continuing to get the most out of our internet experience.