How to Survive an Abusive, Schizophrenic Mother


Enlist assistance from other family members to stabilize your mother's condition. Schizophrenics generally act out when they are not taking their medications properly, or at all. However, once they have reached this stage in their disease, it can be difficult to convince them to re-stabilize. Ask for help from family members and close friends in convincing your mother to get back on medication and see her doctor for a check-up.


Talk to a counselor or therapist. You may have a range of feelings, from anger to sadness, stemming from the abuse you suffer from your mother as well as the way schizophrenia causes her to act. It is important to talk to someone you trust about your feelings. A licensed therapist or school counselor can not only help you to resolve some of these feelings, but they can also provide you with coping mechanisms until you are able to physically remove yourself from the situation.


Educate yourself about schizophrenia. Understanding the diabolical way in which this mental disorder works and the effects it has on a person might better help you to understand how to deal with your mother. Many schizophrenics have mood disorders and emotional issues that cause them to be angry, moody, delusional or manic. If you are aware of the mood cycles that affect many schizophrenics, you can then be emotionally and mentally prepared to handle your mother as she cycles through the stages.


Remove yourself from the environment when possible. If it is possible to live with another family member or friend, do so. You can still help to care for your mother; however, your mental well-being depends on how much of your life you can retain control of without allowing your mother's disorder to be the focal point of it. If this is not possible, stay busy. Get involved in hobbies, groups or physical activities. Take classes at a local college. Get a job, if you don't already have one. Anything you can do to occupy your time will help to keep you focused on your life.


Stay in close contact with your mother's doctor. Call her doctor when she is acting out in an unstable manner. Write down symptoms and attend appointments when your mother has a checkup. Alert him when she is off of her medication. Her doctor may be able to prescribe medications that not only stabilize her mood, but help to make her less angry and abusive, and more docile.

Living with a schizophrenic person is challenging, particularly if they are abusive. The difficulty of this task increases when the person in question in your mother. Schizophrenics are notoriously erratic, delusional and downright scary when they are not on their medication and stable. Surviving an abusive, schizophrenic mother comes down to getting help, being educated on the disease and taking advantage of all resources available to help you resolve your feelings about your unbalanced relationship with your mother.