Medical Complications Due to Alcholism


Heavy drinking can cause hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver that is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Abdominal pain and jaundice will occur with hepatitis and continued alcohol consumption will lead into cirrhosis, hardening of the liver.

Birth Defects

Alcohol use by a pregnant woman can harm her baby. Fetal alcohol syndrome is characterized by decrease in the infant's head size, heart defects, eyelid deformity ("moon-eyes") and learning disorders.


Continual heavy drinking can cause hypertension and heart muscle damage.


Individuals with alcoholism are at a greater risk for developing various types of cancer to include the liver, mouth, throat and colon.


Alcoholism in women has been linked to breast cancer, bone loss and menstrual problems.


Erectile dysfunction has been seen in men with excessive and continual alcohol use and abuse. Alcoholism, a physical dependence on alcohol, causes a multitude of medical conditions and complications. Alcohol abuse is the precursor to alcoholism and the beginning of medical problems.