What Are the Causes of Teenage Anxiety?


Like other forms of mental illnesses, teen anxiety can often be hereditary. Genetic disposition makes some teens more prone to suffer the disorder than others.


Environmental factors that were present in the teen's childhood, such as anxious parents and vicarious learning of anxiety, can lead to an anxiety disorder later in life.


The rise in teen anxiety may also be the result of a natural evolution. Generally, social phobias are related, and a response, to the changes in society.

Unconscious Component

A traumatic event which has been displaced can return in the form of unexplained anxious behaviors. The traumatic teen who has psychologically "forgotten" the event can exhibit anxiety as a defense mechanism of coping.


Stress is especially high during the teen years. Teens experience all forms of pressure from society, school, sport teams, parents and peers. The overwhelming stress can often lead to panic. Anxiety is a common disorder in teenagers. Symptoms range from mood swings to headaches and fatigue. Many teens experience these symptoms at one point or another due to the many changes during puberty; however, when these symptoms become long-standing, it takes the form of a disorder. The causes of teen anxiety vary depending on the individual.