How to Avail of Easy Methods to Improve Memory


DEPRESSION. If you are under a lot of stress, or feeling depressed, your memory can be under the weather as well. Exercise and eat well. Researchers at Utah State University claim that aerobic exercise may increase your short-term memory recall.


VISUAL CUES. Make lists of the chores you want to accomplish and leave it on the fridge. When you need to mail a letter, stick it in the car so you won't leave without it. Leave a post-it note on the freezer to defrost the chicken cutlets. Have a dress to be dry cleaned? Hang it on the front door.


PLAN AHEAD. Keep your keys in one spot. Have a backup set. Definitely buy several pairs of reading glasses. You can leave dollar store glasses all over the house. Create a wallet/sunglasses terminal. I use an antique wooden cheese box to hold my essentials, that is placed near my back door.


TALK TO YOURSELF. A lot of times we are on automatic pilot. Have an inner monologue with yourself. "I am hiding my Hershey's syrup from the kids inside the crock pot." Consciously record what you want to remember.


BRAIN FOOD. A diet rich in vitamin B riboflavin, iron, and zinc may help your memory. Low fat milk, yogurt, cooked tomatoes, seafood, and meat can make you sharper, and leaner to boot.

If you are like me, you need a clapper on the car keys, a beeper on your eyeglasses, and name tags on all your childrens' friends. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember certain kinds of details. As The Sopranos might say, if memory slips are slipping you up, here's how to fuhgeddaboudit.