How to Balance Work and Play


Know your body. Your body is always giving you signals for when to rest and relax. If we don't listen to these signs early on, we can begin down a path of unhealthy living. Pay attention to the subtle messages your body is giving to you on a daily basis.


Meditation. This is a great way to relax and release all the problems that can come up with the result of pushing to hard. Learn some basic techniques that are meant to relax and sooth your mind and body. Practice this daily.


Follow your passion. When you are following your passion, it won't feel hard. There are challenges yes, but things move in more of a playful, fun way when you are doing stuff you enjoy and love. This makes life feel more balanced.

Tips and Warnings

  • Know your body
  • Meditation
  • Follow your passion
  • This post will show you how to get on equal grounds of relaxation and work. There must be some kind of trade off, in order to live a healthy lifestyle.