How to Build Immunity With Laughter


A great way to build your body's immunity and keep your immune system healthy is to hang out with funny friends. Funny friends will keep you laughing and remember every time you laugh you are reducing your stress level and protecting your health!


Watch funny shows or comedies on television. Ask friends and family members to recommend funny shows they think you might like. Funny shows to watch are The Office, The Old Adventures of New Christine, and reruns of The Golden Girls.


Tune into funny clips on YouTube online. Type "funny" in the search bar on YouTube, and many funny clips will quickly appear to make you laugh and improve your immunity!


Visit your local comedy club for a good dose of laughter, and a quick release of endorphins. For an even funnier time bring your funny friends with you. It will be a hilarious evening!

Tips and Warnings

  • Always remember laughter is great medicine!
  • You can never laugh too much!
  • Laughter is the best medicine for the body. Laughing reduces blood pressure, increases endorphins, and reduces stress hormones. Lower levels of stress hormones create strong immunity in the body. A healthy immune system is able to fight viruses and infections such as the flu.