How to Deal With A Loved Who Has Alzheimer's


1. Patience is an absolute necessity when dealing with someone who has Alzheimer's losing your patience makes it difficult for yourself and the one you are caring for it is always important to understand their behavior so that you can deal with them in a much better manner.


2. If they are living with you place signs in designated places so that they can remember what to do without asking you repetitively about where things go or what has to be done.


3. Allow them to do simple things such as painting, art and crafts etc. anything that is hands on, be patient when you are doing this with them, remember they do not understand why they may be having trouble and commend them when they do something well.


4. If they have an accident or have misplaced something be their mind and put yourself in there shoes, ask yourself how you would feel if you had Alzheimer's? How would you wish for someone to treat you? Gain as much knowledge and understanding as you can so that you can deal with there behavioral issues.


5. Never abuse them mentally, physically or emotionally they to were young once and quite independent Alzheimer's is a disease that effects millions of people and unfortunately does not have any cure. If you become frustrated with them walk away, gather your thoughts, refocus and approach them in a positive manner again.


6. Write things down that they are repeating and when they ask the same question again take out the list of answers and go over it with them.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always love them, care for them provide for them and if they live in your home be patient. If they are in a care facility visit them and do not forget about them they to need you as you need them once.
  • If they are living on there own provide some type of care for your love one they cannot always do things on there own. If you have chosen to place them in a retirement facility or home weigh out all of the pros and cons before making that decision. Check the background history of the facility ask to speak with other families who have there loved ones in there, stop in without warning and get a feel for the environment before placing anyone into a home you certainly would not want your loved one being over medicated, neglected or abused.
  • Alzheimer's effects over 5.3 million people in America it is a progressive and deadly disease. It is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States and currently does not have any cure. Dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer's can be unbearable and frustrating for the family member who has to deal with this incurable disease. Experts also claim that more then 500,000 people in there 30's through there 50's have some form of this disease. Alzheimer's not only effects the old, it also effects the young. Learning how to identify and cope with the deadly disease will provide you a better understanding of what care needs to be given when dealing with a loved one.