How to Free Your Life From a Rut


Be spontaneous! If a friend suggests taking a weekend vacation, say yes and make it happen. Traveling is a great way to experience something new and will give you a fresh perspective on your life. Choose a vacation where you will learn something new like visiting a dude ranch or learning about wine at a vineyard.


Taking a break from your daily routine will help give you a better outlook. Take the scenic route to work. Avoid choosing your regular hot beverage from the coffee shop and try something new. Strike up a conversation with someone. Volunteer for an animal shelter or another charity of choice. Rearrange your furniture, paint your walls, or switch out the pictures hanging on your walls with new ones.


Putting limits on yourself can force you into a rut because it prevents you from believing in yourself and trying something new. Following other peoples expectations of you will only keep you in a rut. You must get out of your box...literally!


Consider changing the way you look. Get a new hairstyle, try out a different outfit, or go crazy and get a tattoo. If you're too nervous to make a drastic change, try something temporary such as a wig. It's amazing what a new hairstyle will do for your self-image and your personality. A wig is a great option because you can try out different styles without them being permanent.


Become more social and join an interest group or dance class. You will learn new things and meet interesting people. Improve your mood and get active. Try out a new sport such as kayaking, snowshoeing, or joining a community baseball team.


Inspire creativity by taking risks. Risk-taking removes the monotony right out of your life. Take a leap and change your job or move to a new city. Start that business you've been putting off or work on the novel you've been wanting to write. Change can give you new ideas and create a more fulfilling life.

Tips and Warnings

  • When you take a chance, you will feel more alive.
  • Make a list of everything you've always wanted to do and start checking them off.
  • It's your life, so take it by the horns and run with it. Anything is possible!
  • Staying in a rut can bring you down and make you fearful of change.
  • Does your life sometimes feel boring and monotonous? For many of us, the tedious routines we perform everyday can get old. In order to mix it up a little bit, you must get creative and bold. Risk taking can create confidence and new opportunities in your life, which is a great way to get out of a rut.