How to Have The Best Day


Look at your life.
Take a moment by yourself and ask if you have began to take advantage of all of your blessings that are priceless. If today was your last day alive would you have any regrets? If so, it is not too late to change. Start "living" tomorrow.


Do not take loved ones for granted.
No one is on earth forever and do not ever let another moment of your life pass without cherishing every second with them.


Choose to be Happy.
You have a choice. See the negative in the world around you, or see the beauty in everything.

You will have the best day, today and forever after!

Tips and Warnings

  • PS happiness is contagious!
  • Your perspective on life or things in general may be stopping you from having the best day, today and every day after.

    You Choose:
    You can wake up, get dressed barking orders at the kids to hurry up and get to school. Then walk out for work without saying bye. arrive at your job you dread because you are sick and tired of doing the same thing every day for 10 years now. Have barely any patience at work, and you are anxious to leave. Get home, notice everything not done by your wife and go to bed.

    Or have the same day and see it differently.

    Wake up and smile, being so thankful you aren't alone and DO have a wife to wake up to, kiss her on the cheek. Wake the kids up by tickling them knowing how blessed you are to have 2 healthy children. You look at their beautiful faces as they giggle, after all your good mood is so contagious, their day will be great as well, in fact everyone you encounter will be effected! You thank your wife for being the best wife ever and taking time to make breakfast. You leave with kisses for all. You sing in the car knowing how lucky you are to even have a job. Once you get to work, you are laughing and kind to every customer and the boss wonders what the heck is going on! You go home and can not wait to get their to spend time with the ones you love, thinking of "The lonely man, somewhere in the world, praying for nothing but a wife and kids."