How to Put a Halt to Procrastination


Anxiety is a huge problem when it comes to getting things done. Sometimes the problem is simply a lack of confidence in yourself. Build yourself up by telling yourself you deserve the rewards you will reap if you complete a particular project.


Try to visualize the future. If you can imagine the benefits you'll get to experience from a completed project, you may be more inclined to avoid procrastination. Remind yourself that great opportunities could arise once you've completed a goal.


Be realistic and know that nothing worth while comes easy. Realize that hard work takes determination. When you feel overwhelmed, break down your project into smaller steps. Create a time table to complete each step and reward yourself once you've completed the project.


Keep a journal of your procrastinating moments. Write down what you're feeling and why you are struggling with completing a task. You might find some insight and motivation to stop avoiding what you're procrastinating.


Consult a friend or family member about a project you're procrastinating. People who know and love you are a great resource for encouragement and motivation. Getting a different perspective on why you should complete a project might help you complete it.


Become a creature of habit. Once you get in the practice of facing your projects head on, it will eventually become easier for you to complete future projects. Soon you won't hesitate to complete a project because you've developed a strong enough willpower to overcome procrastination.

Tips and Warnings

  • Put some meaning to your goals and constantly remind yourself how great you will feel when you reach them.
  • Once you do complete a project, you'll realize it wasn't that difficult and wish you completed it sooner.
  • Procrastination only leads to stress and regrets.
  • Procrastination is a form of being your own worst enemy. It's easy to make excuses and distract yourself from completing tasks but it only hurts you in the end. Having incomplete projects hanging over your head only creates stress. Learn to gain the confidence and determination to finish what you start.