Care Giver Stress

Defining Care Giver

The professional roles of care givers are people who are highly stressed as a result of the kind of work they do. Make a list of the ways you care for your body and mind every day. Make an alternate list of the ways you care for others throughout your day. Expand the version of care giver from something someone who does for others to a vehicle for protecting your own needs. This short meditative listing activity can aid in discovering the sources of your own stress.

Managing Stress

Coping with or merely acknowledging stress in not managing stress. Consult with a meditation instructor to become educated about creating a stress management program of activities that reduces your own stress. Managing stress is experiential and highly dependent on results. Your stress reduction program will vary from everyone else. Be selective in choosing the activities that appeal most to you. Consult with others about how to protect your own needs, remain strong and uncompromising in your ability to serve others.

Water the Positive Seeds

It is easy to forget that the first relationship a care giver must nurture is her relationship with her own limits and expectations. As you become responsible for your own actions, let go of the expectation that you can control the actions of others, and your need to nurture becomes an outlet for exceptional change. Using the witness perspective to reflect on daily care giving activities will support a less reactive attitude.

A simple exercise for alleviating care giver stress is to foster your own capacity to witness your own thoughts and actions. While quietly breathing, notice your ability to control tension in your body by deeply inhaling and forcefully exhaling. In this breathing exercise, try to allow your thoughts to float by. Choose to send your attention to positive thoughts. Imagine you are able to water seeds of intention with your mental awareness.

Practicing peaceful imagery and building on a foundation of caring for you own health and wellness first will result in managing stress with success. Share your experiences with others and reflect on their input. Care giver stress is a phenomena that can be skillfully managed with proper training. Care giver stress includes service to others. Managing stress from professional care giving like nursing, working with persons with disability, parenting or helping the elderly are some examples. Care giver stress can also come from daily interactions at home. It can be attached to behavior patterns within a person's relationship to her own body and mind.