How to Be More Spontaneous Everyday


STOP PLANNING AHEAD. This is all too common with most people. You plan out your meals, what to do after work, the weekends - etc. The problem is it may always be the same routine. Try for one week to NOT plan ahead of schedule and go with the flow.


SAY YES. If your a people, (like me) who always says "no, not today." Try saying yes for a change. Go out with people from work for the night, take that yoga lesson you've been wanting to try out or anything new that you would normally pass up. You have to open doors for yourself to make things happen. You might find it very enjoyable and want to do it again. If not - you can tell yourself that you at least tried it out.


DON'T OVER THINK EVERYTHING. Over analyzing every detail of everything is a bad idea. Why? Because nothing ever goes according to plan - then your left disappointed. Instead - try acting on impulse WITHOUT thinking about it. Indulge in something - it's good for everyone once in awhile. Tell your honey "We're going out tonight." Go out and have fun! This goes hand-in-hand with planning ahead.


TRY NEW THINGS. Try something you've never done before, that you normally would NEVER do. It might leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished and you might actually enjoy it!

Tips and Warnings

  • Try to not say no to every invite. Say yes, and see what happens.
  • Plan your lunch ahead - but leave dinner open for options.
  • Being spontaneous can open tons of doors for yourself that you never knew existed. All too often we all stick to a routine and plan things ahead of time. Which is great, but sometimes it makes life more enjoyable to do things on the spur of the minute. Everyone feels like their life isn't exciting enough and they need to change - but really all you need to do is be a little bit more spontaneous in everyday life.