How to Deal With Whiny People


Don't listen to the whining. If you turn a deaf ear to the whining, the whiner will generally run out of steam or take his or her whining to the next person. Whiners thrive on attention.


Lead by example. Don't contribute to the problem by whining yourself. Set a good example by being positive and upbeat.


To deal with whiny people, put them on the spot. Ask them how they'd solve the problem they're complaining about. Force them to offer solutions rather than repeating the same old grievances.


Keep your distance. The less time you spend with whiny people, the less unhappy you'll be.


To deal with whiny people more effectively, stay focused on your work. Once the whiners see you're too busy to talk, they'll look for other ears to share their unhappiness with.


If you're stationed next to a whiny person, ask your supervisor if you can move to another location. It can be particularly uncomfortable if you can't escape the whining.


Encourage a whiny person to write down their complaints. Keeping a journal is a good outlet for whiny people and it keeps them out of earshot too.

Most offices have one - a whiny person who makes life difficult for everyone. It seems like a day doesn't go by without them voicing their dissatisfaction about one issue or another. Is the whining bringing you down? Here's how to deal with whiny people more effectively.