How to Fight Back Anxiety


Defy it. Show defiance toward your anxiety and the physical pain it can cause. Have an attitude and say to your anxiety : Is this your best shot? You can't do better? . Anxiety is a burglar trying to break into your mind. It wants to steal your peace of mind, give you pain; just fight back with a psychological baseball bat.


When an anxious thought come into your head. Just see it as a popular 6 number lotto. Your chance of this frightening idea that comes into your mind will happen is in the 1 out of 20 million. So discard it as an imaginative film script or a very creative brainstorm.


Have the courage to go to the root of your problem. Go to personal or group therapy. You are not alone, 25\% of people have anxiety disorder.


Learn to give yourself permission to fail, to have hobbies that are pleasing to you and to know that your are loved unconditionally.

Tips and Warnings

  • Medication can help you get through the rough patches while you learn to master your anxiety.
  • Does Anxiety eat you up inside and prevents you from enjoying your life and love the people around? You are not alone. Let's see if we can fight this thing together. Here's a few tips that work.