How to Find Balance in Your Life



Family time should always be the priority in your life. Set time to spend with your spouse and the kids, both together and separately. At least one date night per month is mandatory for your relationship. Also, plan special days with your kids doing kid activities. This is special bonding time that is invaluable.


CAREER (If you fail to plan you plan to fail)

You are the provider for your family so be sure to focus on your career. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Make the most out of each day and strive for excellence. Maximize your income potential and continually grow and learn. Keep your resume up to date and plan your next advancement. If you don't plan it won't happen.

Good job! Now turn that switch off and leave work. It will be there tomorrow so no need to work late into the evening (for most). You have maximized your day now simply walk away and come back the next morning refreshed.



Everyone needs You time. This is time that you spend for yourself. Make You time everyday. Whether you exercise at the gym or walk in the park it is vital that you get away for awhile. Moms can take a long bath with a book or wake up early for the coffee and paper in the morning. Whatever you choose be sure to make it a regular part of your day.

Remember - Family, Career, and You time will help you bring more balance into your day and help you live a happy and healthy life.

Finding balance in your life is very important. Studies have proven that not only does a balanced life improve your mental health, it also improves your physical health as well. You are probably like many, either working too many hours at the office or working 24 hours a day raising the kids and keeping the house together. Today I am going to outline your plan to create balance in your life and start decreasing your stress level for a healthier and happier You!

Your life should have three main components; Family, Career, and You is all you need.